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This section of my blog, titled Follow Me is all about updating those I love and those who follow along on my journey on what I am currently up too. At the moment I am doing final preperations before I start a very new chapter of my life.

After a 5 year period of University and work, mostly sat working hard at a desk, I felt I needed a change. I wasnt’ sure what this change should be exactly, or when I should make it. But as time moved on I felt more and more like it was time to go and try something, anything that would take me to new horizons. As I headed into the new year of 2019 I was in a somewhat down and reflective period of my life, capping off a 2018 that felt like a struggle, both with difficulty finding my place in my career and in my personal relationships, or one on particular, which presented some new challenges and dissapointments and dragged up some emotions I have not had to deal with before. I am certain one day I will read back on this, where I should be and reflect on how much life has moved on. Thats one of the cool reasons to start a blog like this!

2019 felt like the time, finally, to try something new!

With a growing pull to Rock Climb and establish a new lifestyle, away from the busy culture of city life and a social culture I was feeling more and more isolated from, I started looking into opportunities that would take me away from the office life, the city life, and present me with fresh things to learn and more time for what I love.


On the 27th of March I am moving to Snowdonia, working for the YHA organisation. A really great opportunity to do a more active job, meet new people and to climb and hike to my hearts content on my freetime. I cannot wait. I have never done a service industry job like this before, I am so greatful to have been given the opportunity and cannot think of a better place to start!

Check out Pen-y-pass hostel here. Its an absolutely stunning location!

Pen-Y-Pass hostel in Snowdonia, Wales


In June I will be spending a little time back at home, but I am so happy to be heading back to Magic Wood, my favorite place in the world in Switzerland for the majority of June. My Goal, to finally climb a 7A boulder (if I have not already in Wales). I have a lot of projects at Magic Wood and cannot wait to get back and absorb that peaceful air and of course, pull hard on some sharp edges.


I am lucky to have been granted a working holiday visa for Canada! A place I have always loved and visited a few times. Come July I will be moving to Squamish to rock climb the summer away. Beyond that who knows what awaits me in that country? I cannot wait to see what life has to offer. Hopefully a reward for not choosing the easy path and throwing myself out there with this huge life move.

I will be moving there with as little baggage to way me down as possible, me, a tent, some clothes and some crash pads is all I need! And do follow along on this blog as I explore a new part of the world.

I won’t lie, I am a little anxious about this move, It even keeps me up a bit at night at times, but the excitment equals the nerves, and sometimes in life yoy just have to go for it! even if it seems crazy or uncomfortable. I am looking for the big reward not the comfortable life after all.


This blog is for me, As a record of forging new paths and new opportunuties, Of the people I meet along the way and the adventures that will no doubt present themselves. I would say it will also cover the hardships but we all know that never happens right? …..

— Written by Alex, from a train to Birmingham, UK. —

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