What can I say about Switzerland?

“There is something about the atmosphere that I just love!

From my first trip to Switzerland I absolutely love it! Everything runs efficiently and on time. The climbing is fantastic and the scenery is spectacular. There is something about the atmosphere that I just love, there is something in the air, its hard to explain!

Sure the country is also somewhat expensive, I would say for me that its a great backpacking location. My advise is to take as much supplies with you as you can. Live simple while there, take a tent if you can. Switzerland doesn’t have to break the bank, plus sleeping outside is so much better when the country is this beautiful!

I have been back to switzerland every summer for 3 years. My primary location being Magic Wood, an incredible woodlands that sits next to a river running through a beautiful valley. Magic Wood is a worldclass bouldering location with an incredible atmosphere. Its known for being hard climbing but I have been at multiple levels of skill and enjoyed the vibes everytime, even the first trip where I could barely climb anything. I highly recommend visiting!

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