Who Am I???

Hi, I’m Alex. Cheers for coming and checking out my blog.

I am a Rock Climber, Christian and traveler looking to explore this beautiful world in search of amazing climbing, amazing experiences and amazing people.

Me packing up after a night in the swiss alps

My Story

To be honest my story is not super dramatic. I am the type of personality to become really focused on things. I was always making films or learning instruments. I studied to be a Visual Effects artist and had the chance to work on many great projects like The Lion King (Disney remake).

Then I found Climbing —————–

I started like many climbers, with a course in top rope. After contemplating that I had no one to climb with so I started bouldering which is now my main discapline. I absolutely fell in love with the sport, watched everything video on climbing and mountaineering I could find and climbed as hard as I could from day 1. As a weak and skinny guy it took a while to build up the strength but I am so glad I worked this hard.

Climbing lead me to travel ————

After a while of climbing, I began to travel a bit in search of amazing rock. As a teenager I had no interest in travel, but after a trip to the USA and to Switzerland, I caught the bug hard! I began to save up and figure out how I could travel for longer periods!

Climbing in Magic Wood, Switzerland – my FAVORITE place in the world


I have packed in the desk job for now, with a small amount of savings and a lot of inspiration to travel and a lot of determination to push my climbing, I now set sail.

Follow me Through instagram and this Blog to keep up to date with my journey. I hope to meet other amazing people along the way and tell you their stories as well. This blog will be full of travelers stories, my experiences and loads of top tips about climbing and wild camping. I will also talk about some of my life philosophies and general lifestyle tips. There will be plenty of rainy days and rest days while on the road so I will have plenty of time to keep this updated with lots of great info.

This is Alex, signing off! Well done if you made it this far 🙂


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