The UK is my HOME.

The UK is where I was born and raised. Sure the weather isn’t great and we have vast patches of boring towns but there is a lot of amazing spots in the UK as well!

Accross England, Wales and Scotland sit some amazing spots, The lake district, Snowdonia and Glen Nevis being some of my favorite places to go, they are really worth the visit! London as well has its pluses and is worth a visit. Having worked there I likely take it for granted but there is always something going on.

If you love sport climbing and bouldering then heading for the coast line is often a good shout, we have some really great limestone cliffs on the coast in several places. And in scotland sit the mighty Nevis mountain range, with Ben Nevis itself being the highest point in the UK and worth the effort to crawl to the top off.

If you ever get a chance to visit the UK I really recommend exploring the above mentioned mountain ranges. There is lots of beauty here! Obviously I am a little bias, we all love our home countries huh!

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